• John Wheeler Helps Others To Maximize Their Wellness

  • Posted on June 22, 2015
  • John Wheeler is a businessman who works in Toronto. A number of years ago, he noticed a need for a fitness and health center that appealed to more than just people who wanted a gym. He founded and is the owner of FitnessOne in Toronto. This is a true health, fitness, and activity center that allows members to improve upon the quality of their lives. John Wheeler is a businessman who is focused on fitness and health issues, including improving all aspects of his clients' lives.

    John Wheeler wants to help others to maximize their wellness by making healthier decisions. This is what FitnessOne helps their clients to do—improve their lives through activity and healthy choices. John Wheeler is used to thinking outside of the box and he has done that with FitnessOne, too. Instead of doing the same thing that every gym in Canada does, FitnessOne was designed with wellness, instead of just working out, in mind. It is also designed to improve a person's physical and mental wellness.

    John Wheeler has sought to ensure that FitnessOne is not like many gyms, where people are made to feel uncomfortable. At FitnessOne, they rethought the entire process of founding and opening a fitness center—and it shows. It is a dynamic and innovative activity center that meets the needs of virtually anyone who wants to get healthier. It is about more than just working out. John Wheeler founded FitnessOne with women specifically in mind. This is because he saw a specific need in Toronto for an activity center that met the needs of females.

    FitnessOne in Toronto is designed with women in mind, but everyone is welcome to join and participate in activity programs. Regardless of a member's age, weight, or range of movement, they can benefit from FitnessOne. John Wheeler also insisted on a number of programs that help individuals to stay active. Professional staffers guide the interactive programs and offer on-going advice on issues that affect health and wellness. If you are interested in Yoga or Pilates, then FitnessOne is a great place to get your fix. John Wheeler saw top it that a brand new, state-of-the-art Yoga and Pilates studio space was built in FitnessOne for those in Toronto who want that.

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